A claimant from Essex had sustained an injury whilst out food shopping at a large supermarket.

Whilst shopping she was struck by a supermarket employee pushing a highly stacked trolley of goods. This had caused a puncture wound in the claimant’s arm.

We pursued this claim under the grounds of employee negligence and inadequacies in health and safety procedures before, during and after incident.

As the supermarket did not admit liability, the case was taken to court and was settled during proceedings for the amount of £10,500.
£25,000 awarded to self employed worker for multiple fractures injury
A self-employed labourer from London had sustained multiple fractures to his ankle and leg, when some building materials came loose on a crane and fell on him leaving him trapped underneath.

The claimant received major surgery to his leg and was forced off from work. We helped settle the claim with his employers when they eventually admitted liability.

The case was settled for £25,000 without having the need take it to formal proceedings.

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