The client was walking upstairs inside a building he was working at when he tripped over some loose lino flooring at the top of the stairs.

The Claimant was carrying a filling knife in the front pouch of his work overalls and as he fell, the knife cut through the fabric of the overalls and cut his left arm.

The First and Second Defendant denied liability on the grounds that the flooring was not dangerous enough to represent a foreseeable tripping hazard and proceeded to trial.

The case was won at trial at a local County Court against the two Defendants, the Claimant’s employer and the main contractor of the site where the Claimant was working at the time of the accident.

The judge found the Claimant to be an open and honest witness and held the Defendants to be jointly liable for causing his accident under Regulations 5 and 12 of the workplace regulations.

The case concluded and the claimant was awarded over £4,000.

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