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Pay Disputes and Holiday Pay

We deal with a large number of cases which involve pay disputes with employers.

The value of these claims can vary greatly, from under payment for a day’s wages to multi party claims involving large groups of employees who have suffered deductions over a number of years.

One specific area of pay disputes we specialise in holiday pay. We have won landmark cases in several holiday pay claims over a broad range of industries. Cases vary from establishing construction workers’ entitlement to holiday pay, to ensuring that factory workers receive their attendance bonus when they take holidays.

In addition to holiday pay claims, pay disputes may involve under payment of wages, non payment of bonuses, and incorrect payment of maternity pay. There are also pay disputes which may arise out of termination of employment such as non payment or underpayment of redundancy, notice pay and outstanding wages.

Please note that in order to make a claim for wages in an Employment Tribunal, an ET1 form must be submitted within 3 months less one day, from the date of the deduction. If this is not done, your claim is likely to be out of time. An exception to this occurs when there is a series of unlawful deductions. If you can show that a number of deductions over time were part of a ‘series of unlawful deductions’ then you may be in time to make a claim for them, as long as the claim is made within three months less one day of the last deduction in that series.

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